Somaliland, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is responsible for formulating and developmental policies for the growth of telecommunication and technology services in the Country.

Somaliland, Ministry of Youth and Sports is responsible for country’s Youth and Sports development.

Somaliland, Ministry of Water Development is responsible for ensuring that Somaliland citizens have easy access to clean, adequate and affordable drinking water and WASH facilities in sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Somaliland, Ministry of Transportation and Roads Development is responsible for meeting the transportation needs of the Country, whether by sea, land or air.

Somaliland, Ministry of Public works, Land and Housing is responsible for public works, land affairs and housing projects.

Somaliland, Ministry of Planning and National Development is responsible for financial and public development of all Government institutions.

Somaliland, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development is responsible for managing country’s livestock and fisheries sector.

Somaliland, Ministry of Justice is responsible for implementation of Country’s justice programs for the maintenance of justice system in the Country.

Somaliland, Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development is responsible for promotion of the Country’s investment opportunities.

Somaliland, Ministry of Interior is responsible for administration of national security and internal affairs of the Country.

Somaliland, Ministry of Health Development is responsible for implementation and development of Country’s Health programs and policies.

Somaliland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is responsible for developing and implementing Country’s foreign and international cooperation policies and programs.

Somaliland, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is responsible for Rural development and environmental protection of the Country.

Somaliland, Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs is responsible for the Country’s religious and endowment Affairs.

Somaliland, Ministry of Energy is responsible for developing and implementing policies related to electricity, minerals, petroleum and petroleum products.

Somaliland, Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs is responsible for setting national labour standards, employment, workforce participation, family affairs and social services.

Somaliland, Ministry of Education is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and legal regulations in the sphere of education, research, science and Technological innovations.

Somaliland, Ministry of Defence is responsible for implementation of defence policies and programs of the Country.

Somaliland, Ministry of Trade and Tourism is responsible for the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to domestic and foreign trade and industries and the Tourism sector.

Somaliland, Ministry of Parliamentary Relations and Constitutional Affairs is responsible for country’s constitutional and Parliamentary Relations affairs.

Somaliland, Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for formulating and implementing the agriculture, forestry, water resources policies and promotion and development of farmers through cooperative systems.

Somaliland, Ministry of Information Culture and National Guidance is responsible for the Country’s culture, national guidance and Communication works.

Somaliland, Ministry of Finance Development is responsible for country’s economic development.

The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) mandate is to conserve, protect and manage national development of natural resources for the benefit of Somaliland people.