Somaliland has taken qualitative steps towards ensuring a speedy development towards Digital Transformation, through the adoption of state-of-the-art telecommunications and ICT technology, thereby facilitating the Transformation towards a knowledge economy and e-commerce. These efforts ultimately aim to achieve higher satisfaction rates and quality of living for both citizens and residents, facilitating their everyday lives. To achieve this vision, Somaliland's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology hasdeveloped 4 years National E-Government Strategic Plan also started to spread awareness of electronic processes, the necessity of digitizing government work, as well as elevating the degree of receptiveness to technology within government agencies, ensuring a transition towards sustainable development and global effectiveness, and an improvement in overall quality of life.

To achieve these goals, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology was established to undertake the drawing of legislation and policies pertaining to digitization at the governmental level, as well as putting in place strategies and programs necessary to achieving them; this, in addition to overseeing the Digital Transformation Program overall.

More information please visit: Ministry of Information and Communication Technology