Somaliland Central Bank’s mission is to promote the well being of the people of the republic of Somaliland by maintaining monetary and financial stability.

Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority functions as the regulatory body for all aviation related activities in Somaliland.

Somaliland Civil Service Commission is a Somaliland government agency established in 1993 that oversees the employment of civil servants and lead reforms in Somaliland's decentralization process.

The fire brigade is on duty 24 hours a day, and it consists mainly of young Crew. The best response is that the fire brigade responds to the community. and also Somaliland Fire Brigade is ready to work to save Lives, Property and Humanitarian service.

Somaliland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission is a government agency charged to combat corruption practices and to advice and ascertain a good governance system in Somaliland.

Somaliland national tender Board works to ensure a 'Business Friendly' environment in Somaliland by ensuring all practices and mechanisms are transparent.

Somaliland National Agency for Refugees and displacement is a governmental agency dealing with refugees, IDPs, returnees and asylum seekers and migration response. The agency will operate and function in all regions of Somaliland.

Somaliland Auditor General Office is key institution for over-sighting public financial management, accountability and transparency and is led by an Auditor General supported by a Deputy Auditor General.

Somaliland Solicitor-General is responsible for providing essential legal expertise and legal support to the Government of Somaliland. The Office of the Solicitor-General is established under section 48 of the Somaliland Judiciary Organization law. Lr: 24/2003.

Somaliland National Higher studies Committee was established in August 2011 by a presidential Degree as a body corporate to make better provisions for the advancement of Higher Education in Somaliland.

Somaliland Civil Service Institute is a public institute aimed to develop and improve the capacity of public institutions and to discharge an effective and equitable public service delivery to the public.

Somaliland National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserve Authority (NADFOR) was established in 2003, but legally passed in June 2007 through parliament, house of elders and signed by the President.

Somaliland Quality Control Commission is responsible for ensuring availability of a fully functional National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) that is an indispensable tool in ensuring fair trade, safety of humans and animals, as well as protection of environment.

Somaliland National Human Rights Commission (SLNHRC) is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament No. 39/2010 entitled “The Somaliland National Human Rights Commission Act.” The Act which entered into force on December 2010 saw the full establishment of the commission, clarification of the mandate, functions and institutional structure of the Commission.

Somaliland Roads Development Authority is a semi-autonomous Government Body which is responsible for the construction, Maintenance and Safety National Roads Network.

Somaliland Ports and Economic Free Zone Authority is a governmental public authority for a special-purpose district to operate Somaliland Ports and responsible for Designing, Approving, Establishing, Developing, Operating, Promoting and regulating the Special Economic Zone. And other transportation infrastructure In Somaliland.

Somaliland Youth Development Fund is an organ responsible for coordinating, advocating, designing and implementing youth friendly programs under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in republic of Somaliland.

The Government of Somaliland is organizing the first National Economic Forum namely the 2022 Somaliland Economic Forum with the objectives of identifying opportunities, presenting solutions to problems, and rethinking the Somaliland economic situation through the perspectives of professionals and economists.

The Berbera Port owned and operated by the Republic of Somaliland; it is the largest employer, generating more than 2000 jobs and is the economic engine of the country. The port has a constant interaction between private and public sectors

The Hargeisa Group Hospital was established in 1953. It is a 400-bed hospital, located in Hargeisa, is the largest public hospital in Somaliland, and offers healthcare facilities to patients of the city.

Hargeisa Water Agency is the governmental agency responsible for water supply to the Somaliland capital city of Hargeisa. It was formed in 1974, And the current manager of the agency is Mohamed Ali Darood

Somaliland Energy Commission’s vision is to contribute to Somaliland’s social and economic development through the sustainable utilization of the country’s energy, minerals and petroleum resources for the benefit of all Somaliland people by 2030.

Somaliland National Printing Agency is responsible for publishing official documents of the various government agencies of Somaliland.

Somaliland National AIDS Commission is a multi-sector government body established through presidential degree No: 88 of 28 June 2005. The commission is providing overall leadership and strategic vision of HIV response in the country.

We are National Insurance Authority (NIA), a statutory government authority established under the National Insurance Act, Law No.92/2020.